How to use a moving van

ALWAYS fasten your seat belts. Remember that the number of occupants allowed to ride in the cab is limited by the number of seat belts installed

NEVER carry any passengers in the cargo/load area. This is illegal and can lead to serious or fatal injury.

FAMILIARISE yourself with your van, its features and size before you drive. Stay within speed limits and drive with caution in hazardous conditions.

ALWAYS anticipate stops and brake early, this can save you and your load.

NEVER transport hazardous materials.

ALWAYS get help to observe “blind spots” to the left and rear of the van, especially when backing. NEVER just rely on mirrors to ensure an area is clear of children, or other obstructions. If you are unsure have a friend guide you or walk to the rear of the van yourself to be sure the area is clear. (Reversing damage is not covered under the vans insurance policy)

ALWAYS make sure that you have plenty of overhead clearance. Watch out for restaurant drive-thru’s, building overhangs, roof eaves, bridges and tree branches. The most common problem we see is when the driver guesses a height, and is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. DON’T GUESS if you are unsure about overhead clearance, stop, look and check it out. (Overhead damage is not covered under the vans insurance policy)

CHECK fuel type before refilling. Most of our trucks run on DIESEL fuel.

ALWAYS start driving in first gear. Shift to a lower gear when driving up or down hills.

Give yourself PLENTY of room if you need to pass another vehicle. Remember that a loaded van takes much longer than a car to accelerate and slow down. Heavy winds can also affect your van so be prepared.

When TURNING give early warning with your indicator and stay wide in corners to avoid “sideswiping” another vehicle. Look in both mirrors and remember to look at the “bubble” mirror on your left for any vehicles in your blind spot