Why hiring a vehicle is truckloads easier than doing it yourself

November 1, 2017

If you’ve got a heap of stuff to move, you might think about the option of doing a stack of carloads, borrowing a friend’s trailer or calling in reinforcements to help you out. Often that’s because you think hiring a heavy vehicle will be too difficult or expensive. But you’d be surprised! Here are some great reasons to rent a truck if you’re moving mountains from A to B which dispel common misconceptions about hiring heavy vehicles.

It’s not as expensive as you might think

Whether it’s a moving van, ute, tray top or tipper you want, Cut Price Auto rentals have a vehicle to suit your needs and they start from only $44 a day! Depending on what you need to shift, it’s pretty cheap to hire a truck in Adelaide to move equipment, dirt, furniture or waste.

It’s easy to drive a rental truck

The quality of the well-maintained vehicles at Cut Price Auto Rentals, Adelaide, mean you won’t have any troubles handling their hire trucks. From vans to tippers, this South Australian business prides themselves on their fleet of superior vehicles and will happily chat with you about the best option for you.

You don’t have to have a special licence

While many large trucks require a special licence to drive them, not all of them do. You can hire a 3 tonne moving van with a lifter at Cut Price Auto Rentals from only $69 a day and you’ll only need your car licence. Chat with the team at Cut Price about what you need and the kind of licence you require and get that stuff moved today!

It’s convenient

Hiring a trailer or borrowing one from a mate can be tricky. And your friend with a ute has probably been asked to move things for everyone every weekend since he bought it! It’s best to keep those friendships in tact, so hire a fully insured* vehicle from Cut Price Auto Rentals and do the job yourself. Then you can hire and return the truck at a time that suits you, choose the truck rental best for the task at hand and know you are driving a quality, well-maintained vehicle from a reputable Adelaide business.

No matter what the job you need to complete, Cut Price Auto Rentals have a vehicle to suit. From as little as $44 per day, you can get rid of truckloads of stuff with confidence and convenience.

*All vehicles carry insurance excess as well as a daily kilometre allowance. Comprehensive insurance cover is included. Driver must be over 25 years. Drivers 21-24 POA.