There’s snow place like home: 4 things to think about when moving house in winter

July 17, 2019

_Moving house can be stressful at the best of times, but wintery weather just adds another element to the mix, particularly if you’re on a budget. But, you can get ready to chill at your house warming in no time by following our suggestions on things to think about when you’re moving house in winter._

1. Truck hire will keep you dry when it doesn’t rain, it pours!

Imagine planning your moving day and hiring a trailer, only to have the skies open and rain soaks your household goods and appliances. Winter can be unpredictable so it’s important to have a contingency plan to protect your stuff and to make moving safer and easier. Even if you’re on a budget, rental trucks are available at a number of price points, depending on the amount of furniture removal you have. For movers who are watching their pennies, hiring rental trucks seems like it might be out of reach, but it can actually save you time and money. From as little as $66 a day, you can hire an automatic truck with a lifter and 150km of free fuel. That means you have a cover over your couch and a roof over your refrigerator and things will get from A to B dry and undamaged. Keep all of your possessions under cover in a self-driven removal truck and they’ll arrive safe and sound, without you having to clean or replace anything.

2. Be careful of slippery surfaces and lifting in winter

As well wearing appropriate shoes to avoid slips and falls, it’s important to ensure your removal truck is safe for you to be lifting things in and out. Because rain and frost can make the ground slippery, the right equipment will keep you safe from harm. Using a moving van with a hydraulic, automatic lifter will do the work for you and lessen the opportunities to slip or fall while carrying your household goods.

3. Get the job done efficiently with the right removal rental truck so you can chill in your new home quicker

There’s no point in going backwards and forwards with a trailer when it’s quicker, easier and safer to just hire a rental truck to move house, especially in cold weather. You can fit more in a hire truck and your goods are under cover. When you hire a removal van, you can also hire trolleys, blankets and tie down ratchets to keep your things in place so they’re not rattling around in a trailer. Choose the right size truck for your household and you’ll only have to do one trip. Whether it’s a 3 tonne van, an 8 tonne curtainside or side door, or a 5 tonne truck you can get your entire load to your destination in a jiffy without multiple trips, added expense or encountering too much inclement weather.

4. Do your homework to avoid being burned in cold weather

You may not know this, but to hire some removal vans, you only need a car licence. By doing your research into what is required to hire a truck, you can avoid delays or surprises and make your moving day as painless as possible. For example, a 3 tonne automatic van with hydraulic lifter only requires a car licence, while a Hino 5 tonne requires a Light Rigid (LR) licence. By making sure you know what you need, you’ll be able to book a truck and get moving. If you don’t know what you need, speaking to an expert, like the friendly professionals at Cut Price Auto Rentals will help.

_Beat the winter blues on your moving day by booking a rental truck with Cut Price Auto Rentals and skip to the house warming sooner._